Salt Lake City houses selling in half the time they were last year

May 17, 2021 (KSL Radio)

In KSL Newsradio’s recent series, Priced Out, Finding an Affordable Home in Utah, one thing became more clear. While it’s often said that those from other states, namely California, are moving to Utah and bringing their willingness to pay higher home prices with them, the Utah Foundation said the crunch is more about a unique trait belonging to Utahns: they don’t leave the state.

“So people stopped leaving Salt Lake City and the Salt Lake City metro area at the same rates they had over previous years, y’know, back to 2015,” Senior Research Analyst Christopher Collard told KSL-TV, “and that put some additional pressure on the housing markets.”

And one of the reasons that so many Utahns stay and others want to come in also contributes to what’s happening in the Utah housing market: Utah’s consistently strong economy.

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