Electricity project in Millard County represents major investments

October 04, 2021 (UtahPolicy.com)

Today, the Utah Foundation releases Plugging into the Future of Electricity: The Economic Impacts of the IPP Renewed Project. Having provided coal-generated electricity since the mid-1980s, the Intermountain Power Agency (IPA) has decided to build a combined-cycle gas power plant by 2025 to replace the coal-fueled generators. The plan, known as IPP Renewed, will include a turbine that runs on a mixture of natural gas and hydrogen, with 30% hydrogen at start-up, transitioning to 100% hydrogen by 2045. Plugging into the Future of Electricity explores the IPP Renewed endeavor and its economic impact to the state and local communities. The Utah Foundation undertook this project on a consulting basis at the request of IPA.

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