Child Advocates Want Policy Change For Daycare Subsidies To Children Born In U.S.

May 14, 2021 (KCPW)

Utah’s Childcare subsidy program administered through the Department of Workforce Services helps employed parents with childcare costs. Eligibility to receive federally funded subsidies do not apply for U.S. born children of immigrant parents.

KPCW reports on the impacts the policy has on mixed status families in Utah.

The federally funded subsidy is determined based on income and size of household and is paid directly to the approved childcare provider at the beginning of each month.

Parents who don’t have U.S. immigration documents are not eligible for Child Care subsidies.

Lt. Governor Deirdra Henderson chaired the May 4 Utah Early Childhood Commission meeting. Public input submitted through an email by Park City’s Early Childhood Alliance Executive Director Kristen Schulz asked the commission to address the policy limiting childcare subsidies to mixed-status immigrant families. She said the policy to disallow access to the subsidies ignores two of the Commissions guiding principles, equity and inclusivity. She asked if the Childcare Commission stands by the existing policy.

“According to a recent report from the Utah Foundation Latinos are…

(The quotation erroneously cites Utah Foundation research. The actual information is: “About four in five of Utah’s Hispanic students graduate under the U.S. Department of Education measure. That is lower than Utah’s students in general [87%]. However, Hispanic students have been making improvements more quickly than the overall student population, increasing from only 74% in 2015 to nearly 80% in 2019.”)

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