Business community calls for patience and civility with the 2020 election

October 29, 2020 (

The Salt Lake Chamber, along with the signatories below, has issued the following statement promoting patience and civility regarding the upcoming election:

“As business and community leaders, we express our optimism in the voice of the American people as they vote in this important election. Our Republic was founded on the desire for representation, and the spirit of democracy-manifest through the electoral process-sustains the health of our institutions, including our market economy.

“We applaud candidates, community advocates, business leaders, and citizens across the state for engaging in vigorous debate over important ideas while striving to represent the better angels of our nature.

“In relation to local, state, and national elections, we support and broadly encourage the following principles:

● Civil debate around ideas and policies that will guide the future of our country.
● Voting and access to voting without threat or intimidation.
● Patience as every vote is counted so that all voices may be heard.
● Accurate reporting of results and the avoidance of premature or presumed outcomes.
● Commitment to the peaceful assumption of power based on certified election results.
● Fostering civility and unity no matter the prevailing candidate or party.

“We must exercise patience while votes are appropriately counted and encourage the accurate reporting of results as they are received. Inaccurate or premature results add risk to communities, businesses, and markets across the globe.

“Our nation has a storied history because the spirit of freedom animates Americans to do their part and vote their conscience. We have conducted successful elections through world wars, pandemics, economic upheaval, as well as political uncertainty, and we are confident that by adhering to the principles above, this year will be no different.”


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