Barely Breathing

October 06, 2021 (City Weekly)

We keep getting told that it’s too late or it’s almost too late, that climate change is changing in the worst way possible. It’s not just that we’re witnessing unrelenting droughts or unstoppable fires. It’s that our very breath is being taken away, and politicians prefer to equivocate rather than act. “What should be our top priorities for reducing pollutants? What concrete steps can we take today that will bring a real return in better air quality? What are the obstacles?” Those are the questions that may be answered at A New Administration, a New Air Quality Strategy? The Utah Foundation will hit up Department of Environmental Quality executive director Kim Shelley about what the state is doing. Panelists also include Kim Frost, executive director of the Utah Clean Air Partnership, and David Garbett, executive director of O2 Utah. The inversion is coming, so is the inland port. Get the answers you need now. Virtual, Wednesday, Oct. 13, 9 a.m., free/register.

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