Policy in a Pub

Event Date: Nov 10

After the rancor and noise of this election season, you might feel like drowning your sorrows in the company of friends. But even if you don’t imbibe, you’re invited to join a conversation in a pub with Utah Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox (a Republican) and Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams (a Democrat). What’s the result of local elections and of the furious presidential campaign that has shredded past norms of political discourse? And what … Continued

Holding Our Breath

Event Date: Nov 16

Salt Lake City’s Capitol Hill is a good place to see the pollution trapped by winter inversions along the Wasatch Front. Some days it’s thick as soup, other days it’s the most splendid view you could imagine. What do we do on those ugly days — and how do we keep the bad ones from getting worse? We’ll have a panel of legislators and other experts to weigh in on what’s been done so far … Continued