In the decade preceding 2020, Utah grew by 18.4%, making it the fastest-growing state in the nation. This news comes despite births in Utah continuing to decline in a trend beginning in 2008, meaning that although Utah still has one of the highest fertility rates in the nation, more and more of its population growth comes from migration. It is expected that by 2031 Utah will have added an additional half million people to its population, for a total just shy of four million residents. Not all of this growth is occurring in the same place.

Explore the map below to see how Utah’s population has changed over the past decade.

Blue represents population growth from 2010 to 2020.  Red represents population decrease. (The blue and red vary by the intensity of the change.) Brown represents the 2010 population in growth areas and the 2020 population in areas with a decrease. (In areas with a decrease, the brown and red together represent the 2010 population).


Graphic designed by Research Assistant Mason Moore and Senior Analyst Christopher Collard.


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