Op-ed: Why Utah really is the place

July 23, 2017 (Deseret News)

To operate from a position of hope is to rebel against that message. It is rebellion to say: It is possible for us to find solutions to our common problems. By providing information to help make those solutions possible, Utah Foundation stands at the forefront of that hopeful, common-ground rebellion.

And, after all, who doesn’t believe in efficient, effective government? Who doesn’t want a thriving economy, a well-prepared workforce and a high-quality of life for Utahns? And who doesn’t believe that we need good information to accomplish those goals? In short, who doesn’t share the Utah Foundation mission?

Clearly, the common ground among us is vast. And Utah Foundation will continue to stand there as an honest, independent, nonpartisan, informative friend to all who love this state and its localities and want to improve them.

The good news is, Utah is, in many respects, on a firm footing. Despite its challenges, there is so much to recommend Utah. And that’s another reason I’m thrilled to be here.

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